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UpdatedTuesday June 8, 2021 byCharlotte Stuart and Nydia Ledesma.

About Us...
FSA Volleyball is a recreational FALL Volleyball League for the residents of Fairfield and the surrounding communities.
We are proud to say that over 315 girls participated in our volleyball program last season!!
We are a volunteer organization that would not be possible without the parents, coaches, and other volunteers
who make Fairfield such a great place for our children to foster a love for all sports. 
That being said, we are always looking for new faces. If you have a passion for the sport of volleyball, we urge you to volunteer-- OUR KIDS NEED YOU!!


Nydia Ledesma / Charlotte Stuart
FSA Volleyball Commissioner



Developmental Division: 1st & 2nd Grade*
Freshman Division: 3rd & 4th Grade
Sophomore Division: 5th & 6th Grade
Junior Division: 7th & 8th Grade
*The Developmental Division is reserved for 1st & 2nd Graders ONLY.
All other "beginners" participate in their grade division. 
Please refer to the 'Developmental Division' volleyball tab for more information. 
Online registration will open on June 7th and close on July 10th (at 1159 PM). 
Registration Fees:
Developmental Division Fee- $150
Freshman, Sophomore, & Junior Division Fee- $200
To register, click 'REGISTER NOW!' at the top of the league's website's home page (www.fairfieldsports.net).
August Practices (PRESEASON):
Teams will practice several times during the month of August,
at Fairfield Athletic Club (FAC), and/or Louetta Automotive Sports Complex (LASC).
Start: Week of August 9th
Practice Times: 
6 PM-7 PM
7 PM-8 PM
8 PM-9 PM
September & October Practices (SEASON):
Teams will practice ONCE per week for 1 1/2 hours.
The day of the week, time, and location will be chosen by the coach and will remain consistent throughout the season.
Each team will play 8 regular season matches plus participate in a Single Elimination Tournament.
Season matches will run September 9th - October 30th.
(Matches are played either Thursday evening, Friday evening, or sometime Saturday.)
November 1st - November 6th
(Tournament matches will be played during this week.)
The date for our 2021 Volleyball Assessments is Tuesday, July 13th. Assessments will be held at Texas Tornados Volleyball Club.
Tuesday, July 13th
Freshman Division & Junior Division: 6 PM-7 PM
Sophomore Division: 730 PM-830 PM


7 PM-730 PM
(This time will be allotted for cleaning and sanitizing volleyballs and courts.)

2020 Freshman Division Single Elimination Tournament FINAL.pdf
2020 Junior Division Single Elimination Tournament FINAL.pdf
2020 Sophomore Division Single Elimination Tournament FINAL.pdf