UpdatedFriday October 5, 2018 byTyler Roberts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

·                 What is the game and practice schedule?  Schedules are not set until after assessments are complete and teams are set.  Practice times are one night per week and one per weekend for the spring season.  Fall season only has one practice per week and one game on Saturday.  Coaches try to work with schedules and availability to determine the start time and duration but we can not guarantee there won't be conflicts.  Games schedules are not released until early February for spring baseball.  Tball leagues play on Saturday, normally early, but all other ages are spread out through the week.  For 2019, there is a possibility Sundays will be used to play games depending on the enrollment.  

·                 What is the difference between "A-6 Coach Pitch" and "5/6 Tball"?  A-6 coach pitch is an option for kids 6 years old to play in a non-competitive, coach pitch alternative to the tball league.  Parents can choose between either league at registration.  We encourage the 6U league as a good transition prior to 7U coach pitch.  6U coach pitch requires players to go through an assessment and they get drafted onto teams.  Parents can not request specific coaches in any leagues aside from t-ball.

·                 Can my child play up or down a league?  At registration, the website provides two leagues for registration; your age and one year older.  It is up to the parents to choose which league but it will not be revised after registration is closed.  Playing down is not an option; primarily due to safety.

·                 What are assessments? Where are they?  What do we need to bring?  Assessments are try outs where all the head coaches get to see the ability of the players prior to the draft.  The location is always the Fairfield baseball fields; 16055 Mason Road.  Kids should bring a glove, bat and helmet to participate in all activities.

·                 If we miss assessments, will my kid still get drafted?  Yes, all players get drafted.  Assessments allow the coaches to see each kid's ability and leads to a more balanced league.  

·                 What does a ‘waitlisted’ email mean?  Fairfield baseball is organized and coached completely by volunteers.  Each league receives a finite number of parents who volunteer to coach, therefore space is limitedn by that partipant number.  Once player numbers reach a max number per team, then a waitlist is established.  As additional parents volunteer to coach, more teams are created and the waitlist is "first sign up, first in".  In addition, FSA prioritizes families that live within Fairfield.  An early registration period is always reserved only for Fairfield residents therefore outside families normally receive a 'waitlist' notification first.  Once you receive an email notifying you that you are no longer on the waitlist, then you must go into your account and pay before your child is listed in the league.

·                 Can I receive a refund?  A refund policy is posted on the website and on your registration.  Refunds can be processed up until registration is closed.  At that point, refunds are not allowed due to uniforms, team rosters and league organization.